Rules, Regulations and General Information

1.     The Branscombe Family Foundation grants approximately ten new scholarships each year.

2.     Value of Scholarship – The scholarship value is up to $5,000 per school year.  Any unused portion may not be carried forward save and except for students in co-operative programs where a maximum will be established based on a three or four-year program (i.e. a four-year program is $20,000).

3.     Once a scholarship is granted, the student is required to forward his or her marks from university or community college each semester, without fail.  We must have the reports in order to continue financial support.

4.    The length of the scholarship will be for the duration of the immediate program (i.e. maximum four years for Honours program).

5.     Scholarships are granted to students accepted into co-operative programs.  A maximum is established for the scholarships based on a three-year or Honours program.  These funds are for tuition, co-op and compulsory fees only.

6.     Scholarship funds are made payable directly to the institution of higher learning to be used for tuition and compulsory fees only.

7.      The scholarships will not pay for room and board or books.

8.      Scholarships can not be deferred.

9.      Scholarships can not be interrupted.  The students must be full-time students on an ongoing basis.  Serious health problems may be dealt with at the pleasure of the Foundation.

10.  Withdrawals, Failed Courses – Any withdrawals or failed courses must be reported immediately to the Executive Director of The Branscombe Family Foundation.  Leniency may be considered for one failure.  However, we will not pay for the same course to be retaken.

11.   Cancellation of Scholarship – If a university or community college, does not allow a student to continue in his or her program, then the scholarship is automatically terminated.

12.  Regular Communication – Any program or faculty changes, honours to pass, or length of scholarship changes must be reported immediately to the Executive Director of The Branscombe Family Foundation.